www.historyofgoldandsilver.org  History, articles, current news and market prices.

www.silverjewelryinfo.com  Information site for enhancement & knowledge of silver jewelry products

www.silverinstitute.org  Information, resources, promotion.

www.savorsilver.com  Promotional site involved with enhancing the image and stimulating the demand for silver jewelry.

www.hallmarkingconvention.org  Information on international hallmarking convention, members, benefits & marks

www.bis.gov.uk/britishhallmarkingcouncil  Information on Hallmarking law.

www.wikipedia.org  Free online encyclopedia.

www.argentiumsilver.com  Information and resources for Argentium Sterling Silver

www.utedecker.com  Information on ethical jewelry practices, suppliers, recipes and website links

www.brainpress.com  Publishes and sells the results of Charles Lewton-Brain’s research in the form of books CD’s and videos, on metalworking and goldsmithing as well as workshop safety and jewelry photography.

www.ganoskin.com  Largest resource on the internet for jewelers and metalsmiths with technical papers, reports, and news on virtually every aspect of the gem and jewelry industry.

www.jvclegal.org  The Jewelers Vigilance Committee was formed in 1912 to provide education and self-regulation to the jewelry industry in USA.

www.theartofmakingjewelry.org  Jewelry making tips and techniques.

www.object.com.au  Australia’s leading centre for craft and design.

www.klimt02.net  International art jewelry online

www.charonkransenarts.com  Innovative Contemporary jewelry

www.metalcyberspace.com  Information and resources.

www.artjewelryforum.org  The Art Jewelry Forum (AJF) is a membership based, non-profit organization created to advocate for the field of contemporary art jewelry.

www.ethicalmetalsmiths.org  Encouraging jewelers to become informed advocates for social and environmental responsibility.

www.whoswhoingoldandsilver.com  The Goldsmiths’ Company directory.

www.benchpeg.com  British jewelry industry support & newsletter.

www.handmadecontemporaryjewellery.com  Centralizing, presenting and re-distributing jewellery information.

www.allaboutgemstones.com  Database & information site.